It’s a Banana Split Kind of Weekend

Maybe you’ve had a long week. I know we here at the farm have—big harvests, small harvests, sudden intense rainstorms, launch of a new database… we are just Spent.

Luckily for all of us- at least, those who live within a 50-mile radius of central Bucks County- our friends and neighbors and oWowCow have a weekend of wonders planned. It is Banana Split Weekend at “The Cow,” featuring a special homemade topping of local peaches and blackberries. Delicious (like, super-delicious) ice cream, formed into that awe-inspiring creation known as the banana split? I’ll definitely be heading out to oWowCow at some point this weekend!

banana split

With locations in Ottsville and Wrightstown, oWowCow is our go-to treat stop for Blue Moon employees here in Buckingham. We also carry pints of their ice creams at our Pennington Farm Market, so the farm crew there does not get neglected. (Banana caramel, cinnamon bourbon, kava strawberry sorbet? Definitely not neglected!)

John Fezzuoglio is founder, owner, and Chief Ice Cream Maker at oWowCow. He makes each batch- with flavors ranging from Chai Cream to Chocolate Jalapeno- by hand at the Ottsville store.

John is serious about the integrity of his ice cream and his brand, and takes incredible care in sourcing the ingredients locally. The dairy comes from happy grass-fed cows at Way-Har Farms in Berks County. Eggs come from Rick’s Egg Farm in Kintersville and Gail Hooker’s hens in Durham. The lavender (in my favorite honey lavender ice cream) comes from Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Doylestown. The peaches for the banana split topping this weekend come from Amy and Gary Manoff at Manoff Market Gardens in Solebury, and the blackberries come from a gentleman named Lamar in Kintersville, who has been growing organic blackberries for decades.

If you are out of town this weekend (because why else would you miss Banana Split Weekend?), next weekend is Bacon Weekend! John and his team will be making bacon ice creams and toppings using 36 pounds of organic nitrate-free bacon from Hendricks Farm in Telford.

Pretty impressive, right? Just wait until you try the ice cream!

owowcow ice creams