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Avec Eric


Avec Eric   —Eric Ripert

In writing his latest cookbook, Avec Eric: A Culinary Journey with Eric Ripert, celebrity- chef Eric Ripert envisioned himself as a “home cook who invited his friends for a simple meal.” The 100+ recipe tour-de-force begins at Le Bernadin, Ripert’s current haunt, then sets out for California, Tuscany, the Cayman Islands, and beyond. Blue Moon Acres’ pea leaves are featured in a pan-roasted red snapper dish with ginger-lemon-scallion broth. “They’re a sweet, neutral green,” says Ripert of the pea leaves, “with an interesting texture—half silky, half al dente—and the ability to take on whatever flavors you put with them.”

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E1 • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2012

Last year’s Shop Local Bucks County Locavore networking event at Superior Woodcraft’s offi ces and showroom on North Hamilton Street resulted in a sustainable business partnership between Triumph Brewery in New Hope, Blue Moon Acres in Buckingham and Bucks County Freedom Fuel/Wash Tyme in Perkasie. Attending were (from left) Patrick Kennedy, vice president of Superior Woodcraft; Ashley Lyons, sales manager, Blue Moon Acres; Dan Weintraub, sales manager, Triumph Brewery; and Andy Rumbold, owner of Bucks County Freedom Fuel and Wash Tyme. Triumph gives its used cooking oil to Freedom Fuel and Wash Tyme, which use it to make soap used in Triumph’s kitchen and biofuel used in Blue Moon’s tractors. Click Here to get the full PDF.

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New Jersey Life – Blue Moon Acres

Tender microgreens are much in demand by chefs in the region’s most progressive restaurant’s. Step behind the artistry on many of these plates, and you’ll find the soil-crusted, dedicated hands of Jim and Kathy lyons of blue moon acres — one of the first farms in the nation to cultivate these tiny treasures. Download full pdf of NJ – Life Here!

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Bucks Life Magazine: Our Favorite Food People

Bucks Life Magazine: Our Favorite Food People

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