Growing Lettuce in the Winter?!

snow march 2013 from inside high tunnel

Shh—do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of your favorite vegetables growing.

In the winter.

That’s right, Blue Moon Acres is still at it, even in January.

In concert with our Pennington Market’s new winter hours, we’re offering an array of in-season, local, New Jersey Grown veggies. Cabbage, leeks, scallions, beets, kale, collards, spinach, arugula, and baby heads of lettuce are either currently available, or soon to be.

These veggies are grown in high tunnels, which are essentially unheated greenhouses. High tunnels can add in excess of 20 degrees to the surrounding temperature, especially during sunny days. The plants are grown on raised beds, and during cold spells—like the recent ‘Polar Vortex’—are covered with reemay cloth, helping prevent frost.  Special, heartier seeds also play an important role.

Obviously, farming in the winter is not without downsides. Shorter days and colder weather make for slower growth rates. There are, however, some benefits. Subfreezing temperatures can have a sweetening effect on the vegetables, for instance. This happens because plants move glucose and fructose in order to hedge against frost damage. A cell with dissolved sugar is much less susceptible to freezing.

Another advantage is the absence of pests and insects, the majority of which are dormant. The threat of disease is also greatly reduced, as the water content within the high-tunnel remains more or less constant.

All in all, wintertime farming is a challenging prospect, but one whose results are well worth the effort.

But don’t take my word for it; stop by our Pennington Market today and see for yourself!

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Blue Moon Acres Featured In I Love New York Cookbook

I love new york cookbook


I HEART NY Cookbook  —Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s second cookbook, I HEART NY, was inspired by a question: “What is New York Cuisine?” The nearly 150 recipes, based on the region’s centuries-old farming traditions, provide the delicious answer. In researching these traditions, the pair toured scores of local farms, including Blue Moon Acres, where they discovered our baby leaf lettuces. “The harvested results,” they write, “resonate with a singular combination of personality and brawn that is matched by the farmers who nurtured the greens to life.”

Purchase the cookbook here

Download the PDF here I Love New York cookbook Blue Moon Page EMP

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Blue Moon Acres Featured In Eleven Madison Park Cookbook



Eleven Madison Park  —Daniel Humm, Will Guidara

Eleven Madison Park just may be the most beautiful cookbook ever assembled. Inspired by the progressive French restaurant bearing the same name, Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s premier collaborative effort contains more than 160 recipes spanning four seasons, featuring dishes that resemble works of high art. And while much of the book is not for the novice—watermelon and lobster ceviche, suckling pig, poached Guinea Fowl with truffles—the visual appeal alone makes this the perfect compliment for every discerning foodie’s coffee table. Look closely and you’ll notice Blue Moon Acres’ micro-greens amid these sublime creations.

Check out a great video of the making of the book here

Grab a copy of the book here 

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Blue Moon Acres Featured In Avec Eric Cookbook

Avec Eric


Avec Eric   —Eric Ripert

In writing his latest cookbook, Avec Eric: A Culinary Journey with Eric Ripert, celebrity- chef Eric Ripert envisioned himself as a “home cook who invited his friends for a simple meal.” The 100+ recipe tour-de-force begins at Le Bernadin, Ripert’s current haunt, then sets out for California, Tuscany, the Cayman Islands, and beyond. Blue Moon Acres’ pea leaves are featured in a pan-roasted red snapper dish with ginger-lemon-scallion broth. “They’re a sweet, neutral green,” says Ripert of the pea leaves, “with an interesting texture—half silky, half al dente—and the ability to take on whatever flavors you put with them.”

Purchase the cookbook here:

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The Chefs’ Bookshelf- Part 6


Chef Kenny Kunz is a thoughtful, deliberate cook, who carefully considers his work in the kitchen and the dishes he is preparing. The cookbooks he recommends for us are true classics from the greats.

Kenny Kunz
Cook, Ulivo, Philadelphia, PA
Recommended Cookbooks:
A Return to Cooking, Eric Ripert
The French Laundry Cookbook, Thomas Keller
Italian Cooking at Home with the Culinary Institute of America, Culinary Institute of America

There are so many cookbooks I use for inspiration on a regular basis. A Return to Cooking, by Eric Ripert, and The French Laundry Cookbook, by Thomas Keller, are both great because they talk about more than recipes. They talk about inspiration, the importance of fundamentals, and those things appeal to me as a restaurant professional.

There is one traditional recipe cookbook that I really do use a lot and draw much inspiration from. The C.I.A’s Italian Cooking.  One of its three authors, Alberto Vanoli, is an amazing Italian chef, who I had the privilege of working with a long time ago at the opening of the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia. This book is full of beautiful, simple, traditional, Italian food. Every time I use this book it is like reconnecting with my old Chef, and simultaneously revisiting Italy.


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