Living Local: On Raising Chickens and Keeping a Garden

living local

Patti and Emily are both old* school Blue Mooners, with lots of experience themselves in gardening in agriculture. Patti, our seeding and watering specialist, has a BS in Horticulture from Penn State and a pack of chickens and 2 dogs in her backyard. Emily, who manages our market (and market garden) in Buckingham, in addition to working in the sales office, maintains a large kitchen garden with her boyfriend, Scott, in Ottsville.

Their advice on how to be a local citizen? Keep a garden and raise your own chickens.

harvesting radishes

If you are just getting started gardening, Emily advises, the best things to grow are things that you like to eat! “It seems so simple, but it makes gardening more fun.” What does this mean? If you don’t like kale… then don’t grow kale! If you like cucumbers, try planting some!

Tip from Emily on gardening: Look at your landscape. Do you have a shaded yard? Full sunlight? The amount of shade will affect what you are able to grow. Think before you dig!

chickens and a beet

And chickens? “If you can have chickens, have chickens! They are so easy to take care of, and you get the best-tasting eggs ever.” Patti gets a lot of enjoyment from her chickens- they’re fun to watch, pretty to look at, and, really, the eggs just can’t be beat.

Tips from Patti on keeping chickens: Always make sure their water is clean! Chickens are natural composters- have garden scraps? They love them! (Note- Chickens especially like Blue Moon lettuce.)

*as in years of employment, not age 😉