Pasture-Raised Eggs for Dummies!

eggs in carton w field

There’s a new egg in town.

A pastured egg.

Actually, these little ladies have been around for ages, but are only now getting the recognition they deserve.

So what are they? And why should you care?

Simply put, pastured eggs—or pasture-raised eggs as they’re sometimes called—are eggs hatched from hens that live on pastures. These lucky girls have access to live worms, grubs, seeds, and grasses; and are free to spend their days roaming about special enclosures. Because they live very much the way they would in the wild—as omnivores, with fresh air to breathe, and unspoiled pasture to forage—their eggs are healthier, tastier, and more nutritious.

Let’s face it: not all eggs are created equal. While terms like “Free Range” and “Cage Free” conjure images of healthy hens, they are often misleading. “Free Range”, as it’s regulated, only requires chickens to spend some portion of their lives outside; how much, or under what circumstances, is anybody’s guess. “Cage Free” refers merely to the absence of cages:  these poor birds are often crammed by the thousands into gloomy, windowless warehouses. Even “New Jersey Grown” can be ambiguous, pertaining only to diet; not housing or grazing conditions.

At Blue Moon Acres, we offer only pastured eggs. Our hens receive no antibiotics or harmful additives, and enjoy the protection of two spacious houses. The houses are relocated every week, to afford our hens new grazing opportunities, and to keep the pasture well-fertilized. All of which makes for a healthier, tastier, more nutritious egg. With more carotenes, omega-threes, vitamins A, D, and E than conventional brands, our pasture-raised eggs are the obvious choice!

chickens22So what are you waiting for?

Swing by our Pennington Market and get yours today!