Hey! I’m excited to be sharing a different side of Blue Moon here with you on the blog. I’ll be sharing information on the products we grow (and how we grow them), some recipes, and other fun things.

I work at Blue Moon Acres’ Buckingham office, handling all aspects of our customer care, serving as liaison between our farms and chefs, and doing most of our design and marketing work. I live in Washington Crossing, PA. Apart from life at the farm, I spend my time reading, listening to podcasts, cooking, baking, walking, antiquing, and dreaming of a future…on a farm.


Five Things To Know about Rebecca

    1. My nickname at Blue Moon is Rebs. It’s spelled different ways, depending on the situation.
    2. I really enjoy following chef gossip, aka restaurant news, aka my job.
    3. I am responsible for almost all of Blue Moon’s social media, and appreciate every like, comment, retweet…
    4. My car is a 24-year-old Toyota 4Runner. (It’s doing great, thanks.)
    5. I love soup, old chairs, and Bucks County.