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Genevieve DiFilippo is about to realize a life-long dream—again.

The owner of the Geneveive’s, the popular Panini shop in downtown Doylestown, is opening another restaurant.

“Since I was 14, I always wanted to have my own restaurant,” she says.

Her new place will be called, simply, Genevieve’s Kitchen, and will feature a fusion of seasonally-inspired Mediterranean and Italian dishes.

“Basically it’s going to be a BYOB with a very simple, one-page menu, and an emphasis on sustainability and local produce,” she explained. “As a chef, I’m really down-to-Earth; I’m all about taking food and preparing it in the simplest fashion.”

Genevieve’s Kitchen will occupy the now-vacant Vine and Fig Tree Bistro space on East State street, a virtual hop, skip, and a jump from the Panini shop. Though the décor is still on the drawing board, she envisions a blend of contemporary and rustic—“crisp, clean, and intimate; but not stuffy.”

“Any time you have multiple rooms, the challenge is making them flow into one another,” she says.

Genevieve got her start as a sauté chef in a local restaurant, and then went on to study formally at L’Academie de Cusine in Gaithersburg. After a stint at an international food service company, she decided to follow her dreams and open her own place.

“I’ve been really lucky. I wouldn’t be where I am today if people didn’t take the time to help me. With my partner, and my family, and all the people I have around me, I truly believe I can make this thing work.”

She hopes to go live before Christmas. The restaurant will serve lunch, brunch, and dinner.