Blue Moon Acres New Jersey Grown Freshly-Husked Rice

Grown in Pennington, NJ, our rice is deliciously different.

Blue Moon Acres Rice

It’s New Jersey Grown: More than simply avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers, we’re focusing on balancing soil chemistry, building good soil structure, and nurturing soil microbiology to produce the healthiest, most nutritious crops.

It’s Fresh: Improperly-stored rice can turn rancid in a single day.  Our rice is freshly-husked and polished on a weekly basis ensuring you of the highest quality.  You can taste the difference.

No Heavy Metal Concerns: It was only recently that high levels of arsenic were discovered in rice in the US and around the world.  Our rice has been tested to show Arsenic levels so low they are at or near levels considered ‘drinking water’ safe.  View our test here.

It’s Local: You are helping to support the resiliency of local, sustainable food production!

It’s Grown Using Korean Natural Farming Techniques: Learn more here.

Blue Moon Acres Rice is Grown using Korean Natural Farming Techniques

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is a wholistic approach to agriculture involving regenerative processes and techniques designed to produce healthy, disease-free, high nutrient yield plants.

KNF’s focus is entirely on providing conditions that optimize photosynthesis and absorption of nutrients at all stages of the plant’s growth. First and overwhelmingly primary among these conditions is the building and maintenance of a diverse soil microbiology. To that end, KNF espouses the use of farm- made specially cultured indigenous microorganisms (IMO) as well as many formulas to support the growth of healthy microbiology around the plant. Also, tillage, the mechanical turning of the soil, is eliminated so that microbiology, especially fungi, can grow and prosper.

With healthy soil microbiology, aggregation, the foundation of good soil structure, returns. Soil can now accept and hold water better. Nutrient availability at the root is vastly enhanced as a diverse microbial mix feeds a balanced blend of nutrients to the plant. With better nutrition, plants are healthier with stronger cell walls and fully complexed proteins and, as such, are no longer prone to insect damage or disease.

As a corollary, with KNF farming there is no recommendation for the use of insecticidal, fungicidal, nematocidal, or herbicidal sprays of any kind. Healthy microbiology, healthy soil, healthy plants.

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  • Our Maratelli rice makes the perfect risotto. Exceptionally firm, creamy, and chewy grains.

    1lb bag, freshly husked to order.
  • A polished short grain rice.  Ideal for any recipe featuring white or brown rice.     

    1lb bag, freshly husked to order.
  • Our medium grain brown rice is a hearty, sticky rice that will hold its own as the centerpiece of your meal.  The go-to rice variety for brown rice eaters. 

    1lb bag, freshly husked to order.
  • A blend of aromatic brown and black rice which turns a deep, purple color when cooked. Freshly husked and organically grown, with exceptional texture and flavor. 1lb bag, freshly husked to order.  
  • Our long grain brown rice is an aromatic, slightly stickier version of a long grain rice.  It is lighter than our medium grain and short grain brown varieties and as such, best complements a meal with meat or fish.

    1lb bag, freshly husked to order.
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“Just cooked your rice. The grains looked small in the bag and when I poured it into the melted onions, it absorbed a lot of liquid. Immediately started giving off a ton of starch (good!!). As it was close to cooked it stayed firm, nice texture (you can see individual grains in the finished product). Stays Al dente. Flowery note to the taste. Can I buy futures?”

– Max Hansen Chef of Max Hansen Caterer and Max Hansen Kitchen, cooking our Maratelli rice for risotto.

June 23, 2016